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Join our online membership community that offers deep wisdom and the most effective practices for courageous hearts (like you) so you can be supported in living a life that you love and making a beautiful impact in this world, at this potent time. 

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Membership Options

After speaking to you, our community, we are offering this membership on a sliding scale. You get the same no matter what you pay. As you are not rewarded for having more, everyone is an important part of this membership. If you have more and can give more, we appreciate this as the fees go towards our work and keeping the podcast free and accessible to all. The membership is our main source of funding and so please be as generous as you can be. £30 is the suggested membership with one higher option and two lower options available. 

Monthly Sliding Scale

All That We Are Monthly Membership (Willow)

£30.00 GBP every month
All That We Are Monthly Membership (Yew)

£45.00 GBP every month
All That We Are Monthly Membership (Ash)

£15.00 GBP every month
All That We Are Monthly Membership (Pine)

£7.00 GBP every month

Annual Sliding Scale (with two months free)

All That We Are Annual Membership (Willow) GBP

£300.00 GBP every year
All That We Are Annual Membership (Yew) GBP

£450.00 GBP every year
All That We Are Annual Membership (Ash) GBP

£150.00 GBP every year
All That We Are Annual Membership (Pine) GBP

£70.00 GBP every year

Our Membership

We have combined what used to be The Future Is Beautiful patrons and Presence Collective membership into one membership – of “all that we are.” This is the best way to support the work that we are doing AND you receive many benefits. 

For a small contribution, you can be part of our beautiful online world where we deepen the conversation and offer spaces of learning and practice. As a member you are a patron supporting the making of this show, and you receive a number of benefits such as special member only events, and discounts on all our courses, retreats and in person experiences. You will have membership to our app, and connect with inspiring humans through a social network to discuss the themes of the show away from the eyes of advertisers and the manipulation of big tech. Our membership is what makes us able to stay advertising free in a world that is always trying to sell us stuff we don’t need – and it is the very heart of all that we are.



In this time of paradigm shifts, so many of us are asking how we can best live a life of purpose, truth and contribution where we align our inner reality to the way that we show up in the world. 

How do we find the courage within, and inspire each other?

It’s not an easy journey, and one where there are no clear guidelines as we navigate living in systems that feel outdated and we long to be more connected to ourselves, each other and nature

Some of us have tried “fixing ourselves”, “changing the world”, “numbing it all out” – or a combination of the three and not quite found what we were hoping for.

It can be hard to know what action to take for our own wellbeing and to make an impact.

It’s a challenge to stay present to ourselves, and the ever evolving world we live in. 

Yet, Presence is the key

Presence allows us to show up in the moment with curiosity, radiance and openness as we embrace the mystery of this life and let our wisdom speak. 

All That We Are Membership is for you if:

  • You are committed to living with your heart open (along with good healthy boundaries) despite all the fear we are constantly sold

  • You want to live a more connected life with more space for meditation and the things that you know are supportive to your wellbeing

  • You want to make a beautiful impact with your life and create a beautiful future

  • You are new to spiritual or sustainable lifestyles and want guidance you can trust OR you are tired or weary of the “new cage” spirituality and want something more grounded

  • You want to unlearn some of the constructs that keep you trapped in the old paradigm

  • You find that your life has cycles – sometimes things flow and sometimes you meet challenges despite all the ways in which you have grown

  • You need permission to be human and unashamed of the messiness and contradictions in your life

  • You want to live your life fully alive and awake – able to feel all the flavours of life

  • You want to open up your relationship with your intuition

  • You want community, guidance and support as you navigate the choices in your life

And maybe you are here because: 

  • You love the All That We Are podcast and want to support more of this in the world
  • You have attended a workshop, retreat, event or private session with Amisha
  • AND you want to go deeper 

Your Membership:

What YOU give:

  • support the making of the podcast which keeps really good information and inspiration available for free all over the world (including those who are not able to access our courses and membership)
  • support an all female and racially diverse team (this is rare in media spaces)
  • support a space of soul and beautiful ideas 
  • monthly donations to treesisters and choose love (we adjust these as the membership grows) 
  • your part in our cycle of reciprocity (rather then just listening/consuming the podcast) 
  • you nourish the team and pay it forward – so we keep making podcasts 

What you get:

* Monthly Soul Space sessions with Amisha (where we share what is real and connecting us in our human experience and do an energetic attunement together to support you in your life)

* Presence Meditation Course - perfect for beginners or experienced meditators

* Rituals for Wellbeing - a guide to creating habits that support you

* A space to dive deeper into embodying the values shared on the podcast

* The whole library of previous courses including Living with the Cycles of Life, Sacred Activism and Transforming Eco-Anxiety & Eco-Grief, Breath as LifeForce and Integration.

* A heart felt community from all over the world with powerful monthly SoulSpace calls and an online chat group for everyone to connect & share

* Contemplation question to strengthen your relationship with yourself

* A monthly tree whisper (not shared anywhere else) – these are beautiful pearls of wisdom from nature

* A tree planted each month for you (and every member) through TreeSisters as well as a contribution towards lifeboats to rescue refugees through Choose Love

* Moon cycle and earth festival awareness so you can attune your life to the these natural rhythms 

* The Future Is Beautiful (All That We Are) LIVE recordings

* Recommendations of brilliant books, talks, podcasts, teachers, poems etc 

* Special members discount for one to ones and live events and retreats

* Extra gifts which include talks, workshops meditations, yoga classes, guest speakers and more

* Connection to our community through our own social network (no algorithms, advertising, data selling, or monitoring! an independent space to connect with others who are interested in the themes of the podcast) 

* Access to over £2000 worth of courses, workshops and resources available to you the moment you join

* Make friends and collaborations with others in this space 

* Discounts to “all that we are” experiences – both online and in person 

Be part of something powered by humans not corporations 


As the membership grows, we will be able to:

  • hire a community host to make your experience in the space more beautiful 
  • add extra functionality to our app such as finding members who are physically close to you right now 
  • create more member events including specials guests, movement and in person 
  • allow us to add more cutting edge aspects to the technology we offer (we already have created this using open source tech and can add other elements such as blockchain and crypto so we are able to utilise web 3 to create a digital experience that is of the future) 
  • create more episodes of the podcast with ease and grace
  • organise more in person experiences – workshops, retreats, gatherings
  • host more learning journeys and courses 
  • host weekly meditations and yoga classes 
  • launch podcast club where we will have a weekly space to discuss podcast episodes with other members
  • be a fully people powered movement of change and sacred space 
  • grow our team so we are more resourced and able to offer our most beautiful leadership and inspiration 


We have offered this as a high value, accessible way to provide the support with this community of care & practice needed to embody the themes discussed on All That We Are (formally known as The Future Is Beautiful). 

Love Notes from the Community:


"This membership has provided a safe container to have the conversations and explore the feelings that can feel difficult elsewhere in my life. I have found Amisha's workshops insightful in having another lens to view the world through and feeling instilled with a sense of strengthening intuition and self compassion about what truly serves me and my family in these confusing times. The calls are great to connect with the others in the group and so much always resonates, it's great to dance it all out too! I can get very heady and into analysis of all the different perspectives so I like how presence collective gives me a place of grounding through all that and am grateful to Amisha for creating this sacred space."


"The conversations that Amisha has had and shared with the world in “All That We Are’ podcast led me to join the membership. Where the waterfall of wisdom and intuition that flows from Amisha has been felt and gratefully recieved. I find I’m connecting with so much more of the world around me, noticing so much more beauty and synchronicity, seeing obstacles as invitations, whilst also being taken to some edges that feel like a place of healing. Having an intuitive therapy session with Amisha earlier this year has been a catalyst in beginning to see the beauty that lies within me too, something I couldn’t acknowledge, see or recognise before. Having worked with the seeds that came from this session I have begun to feel more self worth and trust in myself. Past traumas surfaced during this session and I now have a deeper and richer understanding of my own personal journey. I feel like I am being of service to myself, those close to me and the wider community in a way that feels like it is coming from a more grounded, abundant and deeply loving place. Working with Amisha has been transformative, inspiring, reassuring, connecting and for me really has and continues to be a path in co-creating a more beautiful world."


“This membership is bringing me back to life, in small ways. The practices, tools and especially the video workshops helped me to remember how sacred I see everything. I’ve been so bogged down in domesticity and I have been numb, depressed. But this is really doing what I hoped - reconnecting me to simple practice.” 

The Core Themes We Explore Are: 

Each year we go month by month through nine core themes, adding depth to them each time we spiral around. Every three months we take time for integration which is community and practice focused. 

Sacred Activism

Finding your unique way of showing up and being of service with the issues of this world. 

Intuition & Vision

Trusting your intuition, living your vision and really knowing yourself. 

Rituals & Cycles

Living in tune with earth & moon cycles and with powerful daily rituals.

Grief & Transformation

Honouring transitions and the path of transformation to be present. 

Leadership & Shadow Work

Activating your inner leader with emotional, physical & spiritual mastery.

Yoga & Meditation

Understanding the discipline and power of practice, ancient techniques and embodiment. 

Energy & Flow Consciousness

Clearing trauma patterning, strengthening your energy body & enjoying the beauty of your life. 

Creativity & Play

Awakening the potency of your creative expression, play and sense of wonder. 

Regenerative Futures

Bringing wisdom & sustainable living to everything you do from what you eat, to what you wear to where you live. 

Join The Membership

As you decide what amount to pay, we ask that you not only consider your present-day financial situation governed by income but also factors including:

  • your access to wealth in the global context;
  • historical discrimination faced by your peoples;
  • your financial wealth (do you have retirement savings?);
  • your access to income and financial wealth, both current and anticipated (how easily could you earn more income compared to other people in your country and in the world? do you expect to receive an inheritance?);
  • people counting on your financial livelihood including dependents and community members;
  • and the socio-economic conditions of your locale (relative to other places in your country and in the world).

(Thank you to Bayo Akomolafe from Episode 13 of The Future Is Beautiful podcast for these considerations in how to choose your price). 

We have set up our membership to be high value as we know that the “wellness” and "wisdom" worlds can be exclusive, and this wisdom benefits everyone and then in turn the collective. If you are on the front lines of the cost of living crisis such as nurses, hospital staff, supermarket staff and post office workers, you can have a whole year’s access for free to support you through this intense time. This is also available to refugees, those seeking asylum, single mothers and anyone else for whom £7 a month is out of the question. Simply fill in this form to set this up. We also offer 20% off for all BIPOC – if you identify as black, brown, indigenous, of colour, please use the code REPRESENTATION. There are nearly 200 episodes of the All That We Are podcast which are available free to all. The team behind this has put so much love and care into sharing something in the world of value that is real, that is accessible and that has the power of transformation. 

Monthly Sliding Scale

All That We Are Monthly Membership (Willow)

£30.00 GBP every month
All That We Are Monthly Membership (Yew)

£45.00 GBP every month
All That We Are Monthly Membership (Ash)

£15.00 GBP every month
All That We Are Monthly Membership (Pine)

£7.00 GBP every month

Annual Sliding Scale (with two months free)

All That We Are Annual Membership (Willow) GBP

£300.00 GBP every year
All That We Are Annual Membership (Yew) GBP

£450.00 GBP every year
All That We Are Annual Membership (Ash) GBP

£150.00 GBP every year
All That We Are Annual Membership (Pine) GBP

£70.00 GBP every year